Reply Cards

Let's eat married.

A reply, response or RSVP card plays an important role in the wedding planning process, as they allow you to work out final guest numbers. RSVP cards can include other important information such as food selections, dietary requirements, seating requests or music suggestions. Our reply cards can be customised to match your theme and invitations, with a range of sizes and print options available.

It’s important to leave 2 – 4 weeks between your RSVP date and the actual date of your wedding, being mindful that your reception will have a specific date they require final numbers (and usually payment!) by.

Browse our traditional RSVP cards below or check out some more wording examples here.

Stacey + Beau Reply Card

Stacey + Beau

Claire + Nathan Reply Card

Claire + Nathan Rosey

Liza + Ethan Reply Card

Liza + Ethan

Stacey + Benjamin Reply Card

Benjamin + Stacey

Heather + Jason Reply Card

Heather + Jason

Alexia + Simon Reply Card

Alexia + Simon

Grace + Douglas Reply Card

Grace + Douglas

Elisha + Joshua Reply Card

Elisha + Josh

Lisa + John Reply Cards

Lisa + John

Amanda + Brett Reply Card

Amanda + Brett

Elisha + Heath Reply Card

Elisha + Heath

Anthony + Jennifer Reply Card

Anthony + Jeniffer

Jasmine + Frank Reply Card

Jasmine + Frank

Jessica + Shannon Reply Card

Jessica + Shannon

Hayley + Josh Reply Card

Hayley + Josh

Louise + Simon Reply Card

Louise + Simon

Skye + Jarrod Reply Card

Skye + Jarrod

Sherilyn + Thomas Reply Card

Sherilyn + Thomas

Amy-Jane + Riley Reply Card

Amy-Jane + Riley

Ashleigh+ Darren Reply Cards

Ashleigh + Darren

Elise + James Reply Card

Elise + James

Stacey + Beau Reply Card

Stacey + Beau

Jaylene + Dylan Reply Card

Jaylene + Dylan